May 01, 2014


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Our Story

Handcrafted Soap has always been a passion of mine - stopping at boutiques wherever I traveled to smell and buy locally-crafted soaps.  My family and friends know handmade soap is a perfect gift for me - I love that it's locally made, it supports small businesses, and it's a consumable gift with minimal waste!  When I was engaged to be married, I kept thinking of what I could make for my guests as a special touch, and of course it had to be soap!  

Thus began my journey to discover the art and science of soap making - learning about how soap is made, how sodium hydroxide interacts with various oils to create various size bubbles, different types of lather and even different levels of cleaning and conditioning!  It's been such a fun journey to make my perfect formulations, and I hope you enjoy as well!

When I didn't have (or make) handmade soap, I used to use Dove bars and my husband, Kris, used Irish Springs.  About 7 months into my soap making hobby, Kris decided to go back to Irish Springs for his shower.  After he finished his first shower with the commercial soap, he came out and complained about his skin being so itchy - was our water bad?  I knew I was on to something when simply changing his soap from my skin-friendly soap to his old Irish Springs made such a noticeable difference for him!

It's an amazing thing that soap can be as simple as water, sodium hydroxide, and oil.  Each soap on this website is a labor of love, hand-made in Minnesota!  Even the soap dishes are hand-made locally (by my mom!).


But Where Did the Name Come From?

Meet Hannah and Hobbes:

This picture perfectly captures their personalities and relationship.  Hannah is my original Yorkie.  She's been with me for 8 years and has been such an experience - stubborn, smart, friendly, quiet, misbehaved, and snuggly.  She loves people and tolerates Hobbes.

Hannah Banana is our Chief Fragrance Sniffer and Toy Fetcher.  She loves treats, licking the air, and going for long runs - she can run 5 miles!

Hobbes' full name is Milton Hobbes and he has been with us for 5 years.  He follows me everywhere!  He's soft and snuggly and does Ewok impersonations for us :)  

Hobbes is the Director of Soap Investigating and he keeps me on track during the day by his constant presence.  When he is not underfoot, he spends his days laying in sunbeams or following Hannah around, trying to be friends.


The Rest of the Team:

Chrissy:  Owner of Hannah & Hobbes.  Also head accountant, chief formulator, main dog-petter, lead purchaser of both soap supplies and dog food, master dish washer, and head of soap production. 

Kris:  Ever-supportive Sales & Marketing Director.  Kris also wears these hats: dog-feeder, errand-runner, gloomy day brightener, bath salts designer, and soap pouring and packaging assistant.  Without him, Hannah & Hobbes would not be possible!

Ingredients Challenge!

This has been a crazy week of soapmaking for me, since I have some BIG festivals to get ready for this summer!  As I was mixing a large master batch of oils, I started thinking about all the awesome ingredients which go into our soaps.  Which also got me thinking about how different each one looks.

The result of all this thinking?  How about a guessing game and giveaway of some soapy swag!  I took pictures of the 8 most common ingredients in the soap - the first person to guess all 8 correctly will get a $11 gift certificate (a free bar of soap + shipping!) to the H&H online store!

To help y'all out, here is an alphabetical list of the 8 ingredients:  almond oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, vitamin c and vitamin e.

Good luck!!



May 06, 2014

Ooh, Pam, you are so close! Great guesses – the oils are tough, since they have similar coloring…


May 02, 2014

Your soaps looks so wonderful


May 02, 2014

1. Avacado oil
2. Vitamin E
3. Oilice oil
4. Cocoa butter
5. Sunflower oil
6. Vitamin C
7. Coconut oil
8. Almond oil

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