What sizes do you sell?

We believe in choices at Hannah & Hobbes, so we are working towards providing scents in a variety of sizes and formulas.  Currently, where possible, we offer a sample size, which is approximately 2 oz, a medium size, which is 4 oz or larger, and a large size that is more than 4.5 oz and larger.  This allows you to buy what works best for you!


How can I make my bar of soap last longer?

Handcrafted soap contains glycerin, which is a humectant.  Humectants draw moisture to themselves, so our soaps will tend to "melt" faster when they are left to sit in water or are placed under streams of water, like a showerhead.  We recommend you use a soap dish, like one of the wood ones handmade by Chrissy's mom, to keep the bar dry between uses so it can be enjoyed for as long as possible! 


What can I wash with your soap?

Our soaps are absolutely safe (and encouraged!) to be used on bodies.  Many people use these soaps on their faces, too!  We do not recommend using our soaps as shampoo bars, however.  Cold-process soaps tend to have a PH of approximately 8-9, which is good for skin, while shampoos need to have a PH of closer to 6 to avoid drying out the hair and destroying the hair follicles.  


When can I get my hands on your soap?

Orders are generally processed within 1-2 business days of the placement of the order.  Orders are shipped either via USPS or UPS and a tracking number will be provided in the confirmation email.

We want everyone to get their hot little hands on this soap as soon as possible!  If there are any questions with your order, we will contact you as soon as possible.


What about custom orders or wedding favors?

Since we started this company because Chrissy wanted to make her own wedding favors, we LOVE supporting weddings and other events.  Contact us at hello@hannah-hobbes.com with any questions on custom orders - whether you're looking for specific colors, specific ingredients, or a large order.  We offer custom colors and stamps and we can work with you on other design considerations.  We want to make you happy (and clean!)


I'm interested in finding out more about your wholesale options.

Please contact us at hello@hannah-hobbes.com for our price list and options.  We love retail stores!


Are your soaps Vegetarian / Vegan?

Our base recipe for soaps is a vegetarian recipe, but we use honey and beeswax in a couple of soaps, so not all of our soaps are vegetarian / vegan.  We also use beef tallow in our shaving soap for the excellent qualities it contributes to a cream soap.  Take a look at the ingredient lists for each soap for any ingredients you want or are trying to avoid.  If you are interested in a soap with specific ingredients, contact us at hello@hannah-hobbes.com and we'll do what we can to make you and your skin happy!


Isn't Lye Harmful?

Yes!  As anyone who has seen the movie Fight Club knows, it can be quite painful when put on your skin.  The lye in our soap is fully saponified into soap and glycerin, so there is no lye remaining in the soap.  Additionally we "superfat" our soaps - on purpose add between 5-8% more oil than will interact with the lye - both to ensure there are enough oils to react with the lye and also because the extra oil adds some extra yumminess for your skin.